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The local beer (Kalik) is pronounced ‘Kuh-Lick’ not ‘Cay-Lick’.
That delicious sea snail (Conch) that the locals are eating is pronounced ‘Khunk’ not ‘corn-chuh’. Say it and loudly at the local spots for the local discounted rate.

When in Rome… well, you know the rest. If you want to effectively immerse yourself in The Bahamian experience you must learn to think like a Bahamian and eventually talk like a Bahamian. It’s going to be funny and make for great stories later in life. Trust me!

If you don’t catch on immediately don’t feel bad, because one visit to The Bahamas is not enough anyway. It takes multiple visits to reach islander fluency.

Think Local:

When considering things to do, to think like a local means to find something at the intersection of the ocean with conch, fish, drinks, and dominos or backgammon. Often that means an afternoon chill at one of the many stalls at Potter’s Cay or Fish Fry (or just ‘bounce around’ to a few different local spots for drinks and appetizers).

If something more ‘tourist-ty’ is your style, places like Green Parrot, Compass Point or Lukka Kairi might be what’s up. Ask one of the verified transportation providers on Everything Local to take you.

But if the beach is on your mind, find your way to a nearby private island for a day trip. Places like Blue Lagoon, Rose Island and Pearl Island are a great getaway. There are several local boat charter companies that can get you there, to one of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in 10 Bahamian minutes [that’s 30 minutes North American time]. The boat ride there will be the best 10 Bahamian minutes only to be topped by your time on the island and the 10 Bahamian minutes boat ride back at sunset. Trust me, it will be a memorable experience – “we spent a day on a private island in The Bahamas”!

Talk Local:

When you get to each of these local places, “you’re gonna wanna” communicate effectively with staff and people around you. Try on this Bahamian greeting, “wha-chu-sayin”, with a big smile on your face and point to each person. This is akin to “how are you?”. With your accent, the locals will love you and laugh. Great moments!

Make sure you do noy say thank you! You should be saying “thanks bey”. 

And if you don’t recall exactly the thing you want to order or anyone’s name, it is locally acceptable to say “tingum”, and then describe it as best you can. For example, if someone comes over and asks if someone already took you order, you can say, “Tingum with the blue shirt went to bring us some ‘kuh-lick and khunk’.

If you need more help, contact us via the whatsapp number provided or just so we can hear you order that ‘kay-lick and conchhhh’ in your accent.

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