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Things to pack

Things to pack

Step away from the suitcase! Seriously now, its a vacation! Just the bare necessities are need. Here’s our list of what you’ll really use.

We honestly believe that some people bring too much stuff to the islands. Here’s the ideal list of things you’ll need: A small wallet with bank cards and USD (in small denominations of 5s, 10s 20s). Pack no more than 4 ziplock bags for your travel size liquids. As for clothing: Swimsuits, walking attire and 2 outfits attire for dinner. Please do not forget your medications [pain, allergy, motion sickness etc.]. It can’t hurt to bring along a travel size first aid kit. You ought not head for the airport without your passports, driver’s licence, plane tickets and confirmations. Make sure you have copies via print and email. Then there’s comfortable shoes [tennis shoe and sandals]. Leave that big camera at home, try and blend in like a local and just walk with your smart phone. At the back of the phone, tape a list of your emergency contacts and an email address for yourself in the event you lose it, the locals can return it safely [for a tip].

You’re headed to the tropics, and the weather couldn’t be more perfect on an average day. You’ll want to ensure you have lots of beach wear for the long days in the most beautiful waters on earth. But, of course, you want to protect yourself from the sun while in those waters, so sunscreen is a necessity. Bring some from home as it can be an expensive product to pick up over in The Bahamas. Throw your favorite hat in the bag to protect your head and eyes from the glare of the sun, and keep some sunglasses handy for added protection. You’ll probably look cooler too. Going out at night? Most restaurants will accept tourists as casual as you want to be, but don’t be surprised to see the locals out in their finest at most of the eateries. If you want to step out in style, pack something nice for an evening of good food and maybe some dancing to close out the night. If you’re headed to our Family Islands, don’t forget to bring your insect repellent. That’s another product you’ll save a few dollars on if you bring it yourself.

In the event of an emergency: • Make sure you travel with a mobile phone and advise others of your plans • Make sure you have the contacts for a local friend or official • In the event of a major hurricane approaching, contact the airlines to evacuate • In the event you are the victim of a crime or accident, contact 911 and then the local Ministry of Tourism or your Embassy. Ask the local tourism office and/or the embassy to contact your relatives, accommodation provider, airline and/or cruise ship etc.]

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