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In 1953, the Founding Fathers of the our great party wrote:
“We chart our course under the Leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party in the abiding belief that it is dedicated to the service of all Bahamians and not to a privileged few, and will prove its superiority over all parties.”
The Progressive Liberal Party is committed to nation building; championing the cause of a people who dream, who desire, who are determined to better the lives of the generations that follow.
The Quiet Revolution led by the PLP is the anchor that holds and upon which the foundation of nationhood stands.
The Political Revolution of 1967 ensured the tenets of democracy: One Man, One Vote!
Today no Bahamian is denied the right to participate in the democratic process. In 1979 the Social Revolution was defined at the 24th PLP National Convention:
*Assist the Poor
*Comfort the Sick
*Guide the Youth
*Bring Peace to every heart
Today, National Insurance is invaluable to the life of our nation.
The leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party is now poised to fight and champion the third phase – the Economic Revolution.
The New Day beckons the Economic Revolution! A revolution that encourages and supports new ideas, ingenuity and creativity. A revolution that will catapult The Bahamas to the rightful place of Progressive and Economic success. A nation where Bahamians can only be mired by an unwillingness to rise to the apex of their God-given gifts.
The Progressive Liberal Party is the heart and soul of The Bahamas. In the words of Arthur Dion Hanna, we’re “committed to wipe the tear from every eye.


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