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Lawyers & Laws of The Bahamas

Lawyers & Laws of The Bahamas


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A lawyer that has created laws:

Attorney Ranard Eric Henfield has had the honor of serving in the Parliament of The Bahamas as a Senator and as the Vice President of The Caribbean Parliaments. An opportunity that has connected our law firm with law makers across the region.

Attorney Henfield has over two decades of legal experience. He has appeared on over 5,000 applications in the Magistrates Courts throughout The Bahamas and has an excellent success rating. Attorney Henfield has over 300 hearings in The Supreme Court and has never lost a matter in the Court of Appeal. Very thorough and methodical, Attorney Henfield credits his legal acumen to his mentors.

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(This article is not legal advice and is shared solely for informational purposes from a FREE LEGAL CLINIC SESSION. Persons are given notice to consult with a divorce attorney).
The decision to file for (and begin the process of) divorce can seem difficult. It should be a straightforward process if you consult a seasoned divorce attorney.

The best starting point is to book a consultation session with a divorce attorney rather than just walking in the door and hiring the lawyer on the spot. It is best to speak with a few attorneys before you commit. These are some of the questions you need to ask:

1. What would be the entire cost of my divorce if uncontested or contested?
2. Can I do a payment plan as per milestones [petition preparation & filing stage, application for registrar certificate stage, notice of hearing stage, court appearance stage and finally, my last payment on receipt of my decree absolute]?
3. How long do divorces take at your firm?
4. How many divorces have you done?
5. Do I have to go to court, or can I do my divorce via video call?
6. Can I get copies of the paperwork for each stage of my case?
Here’s how a seasoned divorce attorney can help you!
1. By explain the paperwork, the process, the payment schedule and how the judges decide cases.
2. Prepare and file all the divorce paperwork.
3. Update you on every stage/development in the case.
4. Appear at court and lead the evidence pursuant to rules of court and the law.
To advise you, a divorce attorney will need the following from you:-

  • A certified marriage certificate
  • A certified birth certificate for each child of the marriage/family
  • The reason for the divorce [with detailed facts]
  • Place of residence and employment of your spouse along with a photo and phone contact
  • Details of any other court proceedings between you and your spouse
  • If there is a need for an Emergency Protection Order [to prevent abuse] or Maintenance Pending Suit

We were well impressed on meeting counsel and throwing every legal issue we had at him. Knowledgeable and more concerned with customer service than legal fees.

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