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Good Day,

Hope all is well!

This is one of those posts from us that you know is going to cost you some time or money – in a really good way!

The short version though is that we are doing a Charitable Initiative next Wednesday (Dec. 21st at 10:30am) called *BRUNCH BUDDIES*. The gist of it is to have persons sponsor brunch for the Senior Citizen’s and Children’s Homes while volunteers deliver the meals and stay with them until their done eating. Hopefully the volunteers will make some new buddies and be inspired to return on their own throughout 2023 to check on these kids and elderly persons.

This is the list of homes we are confirmed with so far:

1. Good Samaritan

2. Persis Rodgers

3. Pinewood Seniors Home

4. Nazareth Center

5. Ranfurly Home

6. Elizabeth Estates Home

7. Children’s Emergency Hostel

We are preparing 276 bowls of chicken souse for them. Then we are factoring in the volunteers at 50 persons. So we are preparing about 325 chicken souse bowls for distribution next week Wednesday.

The organizations involved are:

1. KFC Nassau

2. Our Carmicheal Community Initiative

3. Random Acts of Kindness 242

4. Learned Friends Law Chambers

5. Rotary Club BTVI


This is the part where we are begging for donations or your time to help deliver. A slow hundred or fifty!



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